John Anderson III
Term: 2017-20

Received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Pfeiffer University and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration/Public Administration.

Experienced in planning activities and events for large groups through non- profit organization that caters to at risk youth in local community. Coordinated fundraisers and gathered support for various causes from business, civic, and church organizations.

Professional speaker, facilitated leadership workshops for hundreds of business students for state leadership conference

Developed marketing strategy and advertising campaign for retail clothing boutique; Managed and was responsible for accounts receivable/payable, inventory, sales, payroll.

Proficient in Microsoft Office/PowerPoint development and presentation, drafting of business plans, oral and written communication.

Goal to expand management company with domestic and global clients; consult for major firms and/or non-profits; find venture capitalists and angel investors for patented hat design and film production projects; pursue political career in state and national government.

Specialties: Public speaking, non- profit organization, speech-writing, market analysis, event planning, public relations with diverse communities.